Juliet is on her way to the Virgin Islands

After a beautiful season in the Bahamas and Florida Keys, Juliet is on her way south for the winter. This afternoon she’ll head out of Miami to her normal stomping grounds of the Bahamas, but will travel farther south, hitting up new spots along the way. Past cruises have taken divers to the Berry Islands, Nassau, Exumas, Conception Island, Hogsty Reef, Cay Lobos Lighthouse, and Great Inagua to visit with the Flamingos at the Salt farm.

After a quick stop in Turks and Caicos, we’ll run a trip out of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico out to Mona Islands, Monito, and Desecheo off the west coast of Puerto Rico. Then on to the Virgin Islands for January!

Stay tuned for warm, tropical updates from the Caribbean!

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