Technical Liveaboard Diving

Not many liveaboards allow divers to use technical configurations, citing space restrictions or lack of training of their staff Рwe like to be the exception. Our dive staff and captains have been trained in side mount configurations and are familiar with many rebreathers. We are happy to fully support side-mount diving, and are rebreather-friendly.

Rebreather diving

Bring your sorb, your kit, and bottles and we’ll provide the O2 and booster pump ($100/wk) to make sure you get what you need to do your dive. Hollis Explorers are welcome as well! Please note: our groups are typically mixed open-circuit and we are not a technical diving boat, but do allow for technical setups for diving within recreational depth limits.

Sidemount diving

We have neutral AL80 cf tanks or AL63cf tanks already rigged with rings at the neck. No extra charge for the extra bottle, 32% nitrox available ($100 per standard week-long trip).