Are you operating?

Yes, fully operational with precautions in place.

Are your Miami trips going to the Bahamas or Florida Keys?

Our intention is to go to the Bahamas as regularly scheduled, with the Keys as a back up if border-crossing procedures change without enough time for us to prepare.

I'm worried about traveling to Florida, is it safe?

Probably no more or less safe than traveling anywhere else. You should take all precautions when traveling, wear face coverings, have a change of clothes for when you arrive, wash hands often and use hand sanitizer when soap and water is not an option, and practice good social distancing on your way to and from the boat.

What should I know about traveling to the boat?

Face coverings are mandatory in all public spaces in Miami, including outdoor areas, failure to comply can result in a fine. Hotels are operating normally, many small restaurants are limited to outdoor seating only. Prepare accordingly. You can see latest developments here.

Do I need a COVID-19 test to go to the Bahamas?

Yes. You will need a RT-PCR (nasal swab) test done no more than 5 days out from your entry into the Bahamas effective Sept 1 (remember we don’t enter the Bahamas until the second day of charter so count backwards from the day after you board). Results must be submitted to the Bahamas Ministry of health before entry to obtain a Travel Health Visa – turn around time is quick, usually within an hour or two. Visitors without a visa will not be admitted. You will be sent detailed instructions 2 weeks prior to your trip’s departure.

If a 5-day turn-around for results is absolutely not feasible where you live, there are at-home test kits that return results back with a 3-day turn around:

I heard the Bahamas was closed to all US travelers, is that true?

No, not all US travelers. The Bahamas is closed to all commercial US traffic (airline flights and commercial ferries), but private boats and planes are allowed entry with proper Travel Health Visas for all passengers.

Will we need to quarantine when we arrive in the Bahamas?

Yes, but luckily you are allowed to quarantine on a private vessel so you can just quarantine on Juliet while you dive for the week. We will not be allowed any port stops.

What kind of precautions are you taking on board?

Honestly we haven’t changed much. We have always deep-cleaned all cabins and public spaces between charters and sanitized high-traffic and high-touch communal areas multiple times per day before the pandemic hit. We’re encouraging social distancing and have ways you can minimize your time spent doing paperwork so you’re spending less time in close-quarters on check-in (digital waivers, pre-pay add-ons, email a picture of your c-card ahead of time). There’s lots of space to spread out at meal times, you’re outside or underwater ideally most of the trip. It’s pretty easily to socially distance 17 people on a 104′ boat!

Will I need to quarantine when I get home?

Check your local guidelines and use your best judgement.

I am scheduled to go on a trip this Summer/Fall but can't go because [insert reason here]. What do I do?

Contact us, we’ll see what we can do to help.

What will the procedures be like in Puerto Rico / St. Croix?

St. Croix: If traveling from a US state with greater than 10% infection rate must come with a Covid negative test that was taken within 5 days of travel. The Government of the Virgin Islands will use data compiled and aggregated by Johns Hopkins University that is updated daily and has set a threshold of 10% positivity – 10 or more positive cases per 100,000 population – to determine which states fall under the new requirements.

Puerto Rico: As of Sept 1, all arriving travelers are required to fill out aTravel Declaration Form through the Puerto Rico Health Department’s online portal, get a molecular COVID-19 test (nasal or throat swab) no more than 72 hours prior visiting the Island and show proof of a negative result, or they must quarantine and extend their stay for 14 days. Testing is available on-island and vouchers will be provided at the airport if you arrive without test results.