Mona Island Diving

Mona Island: “The Galapagos of the Caribbean”

Just 45 miles from the west coast of Puerto Rico lies an untouched diving oasis called Mona Island. Here, the diving is some of the best around, beautiful walls and pinnacles, big animal encounters, coral heads the size of houses – but it’s not for everyone. Mona island is known for its pristine and awe-inspiring diving, but also for it’s challenging surface conditions and unpredictable currents. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, after all.

Juliet departs from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico in the evening to head to Mona Island overnight. You can expect to dive around Mona and Monito, and possibly Desecheo (permitting pending).

Cliffs and caves abound, and there is no lack of marine diversity here as the entire island, and her sister Monito, are an ecological preserve. Turtles, sharks, dolphins, and other large animals frequently visit the Mona Passage – the deep water channel nearby – and cruise by the reefs on their way. In the winter months, you can hear whale songs on the walls, and it’s not uncommon to see humpback whales in the area either.

This destination is recommended for experienced divers, due to the potential for rougher surface conditions and unpredictable currents. The winter months bring great surfing conditions to the west coast of Puerto Rico – but large surfable swells can make for challenging entries and exits. Don’t worry though, Juliet’s experienced crew always has safety as our highest priority.

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We only run one to two trips to Mona Island each year, and we are the only dive operation to dive this spectacular dive site. If you would like to secure your spot this year, please email or call 866-5JULIET (866-558-5438) to get on board!

March 14-20, 2020: 2 spaces (forward ensuite)

Dec 5-11, 2020: 10 spaces

March 20-26, 2021: 10 spaces

5 thoughts on “Mona Island Diving

  1. Krug / Reply June 23, 2015 at 18:52

    What is normal water temp for Mona in Dec?

    • Kat / Reply June 23, 2015 at 19:08

      Hi Krug, it’s usually in the mid to high 70s that time of year.

  2. Shari Van Nuland / Reply January 21, 2015 at 03:44

    What are your fees for the trip? Interested in December 2015 THANKS

  3. melissa / Reply December 29, 2014 at 13:27

    My family and I will be in Puerto Rico June 18-26. My son (18) and I are avid divers. Do you have trip to Mona planned during this time period? Thank you

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