Trying to get home

To our Juliet Family;

We are all well-aware of the global situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. As of right now, we have no plans to cancel any upcoming charters but things are changing daily and we fully expect to reevaluate that plan when the boat returns to Miami after the Repositioning trip.

Juliet and crew are currently on their way back from Puerto Rico to Miami. They will be traveling through the Bahamas to return to Miami by April 3. By then we will have an idea of how the Bahamas is handling the pandemic in terms of international vessel travel, and how the US and Miami are handling US-flagged vessel entries and where the world stands on the pandemic. It also give 2 weeks’ time for things to change, and by now we all know a lot can happen in two weeks – some of us we went from “Things are mostly fine!” to “Don’t leave your house, your entire state is in lock down” in a matter of 8 days. While we would like to hope things will look much better by then, we realize that’s an optimistic and possibly unrealistic expectation.

We completely understand that some of you may be considered At-Risk, you have loved ones at home you are trying to keep safe, you are trying to keep your community safe, and/or you physically cannot get on board due to travel restrictions. If you have plans to travel with us between now and April 20, please contact me and we will do what we can to turn the situation around and get you rescheduled. We are working with folks on a case-by-case basic starting with our first three Bahamas trips in April. If you have plans to travel with us in beyond those dates, we know the uncertainty is painful but we ask you to please be patient while we handle the trips that come before yours.

Thank you for your support, patience, and understanding in these crazy-feeling and uncertain times. Support your neighbors and your local businesses as much as you can while we all wait for the dust to settle, and don’t forget to revisit pictures from your previous diving trips to get out of your own head for a bit and get your mind underwater. We’ll be posting lots of links to virtual aquarium tours and other fun distractions on social media in the coming days to try to help.

Please stay safe, healthy, and sane,
Everyone at Juliet Sailing and Diving