Spring Hammerhead Dives

Image Credit Neal WatsonWe’re so excited to announce a new collaboration between us and Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center this April. We get a lot of inquiries about baited shark dives, cage diving with Tiger sharks, and doing Hammerhead feeds – probably because we operate 9 months out of the year in the Bahamas where the sharks are notoriously plentiful! We’ve always had a policy of no-feed shark dives, not to mention that we like to leave the expert diving to the experts. Bahamian operators have been diving with sharks in their native waters for decades and have worked hard to get it perfect. We typically recommend these operators to folks exclusively interested in these kinds of shark dives.

However, we didn’t want to miss out on all the fun! In April, we’re teaming up with Neal Watson’s team to bring you to the sharks on Juliet. Our trips will run as normal – departing from and returning to Miami, diving our usual sites around Cat Cay, Orange Cay, and Bimini. But for one afternoon after lunch, you’ll be transferred over to Bimini Scuba Center’s boats for an experience of a lifetime!

Starting at 1pm, you’ll be briefed on the details of the dive and send down to the site where the sharks will be primed and ready. From there, you’ll dive with Great Hammerhead sharks for as long as you like – until either air, bait, or light runs low. Afterwards, it’s back on Juliet for dinner and a night dive nearby if you’re not completely dove out already!

Contact us to get on board one of these incredible trips! Check our calendar for updated availability in April (trips including Hammerhead dives will be noted).