Live from St. Croix!

Hello from St. Croix! This Gem of an Island certainly hasn’t disappointed in the first 3 weeks we’ve been here. The Frederiksted Pier is of course a huge hit, and we’ve discovered some fun new sites south of the pier, and explored the wrecks and walls to the north. The sea life has been impressive to the point of just showing off! Seahorses, spotted snake eels, batfish, dolphins, and even multiple reports of amorous octopuses (video pending I’m told…). Passengers and crew spent the first few minutes of 2017 underwater enjoying a fabulous midnight night dive, and we’re all excited for what else 2017 has in store for us.

If you’ve looked into coming down to St. Croix but haven’t quite figured out how to get there, here’s a trick. Look at airfare into St. Thomas (STT) or San Juan (SJU) first, then based on your arrival times, check with Seaborne Airlines or Cape Air to connect to St. Croix (STX). Both airlines have 3-5 flights per day out of both locations to St. Croix for under $200 giving you more options if you can’t find a major airline that flies into St. Croix (only American/US Air, and JetBlue fly into St. Croix). And don’t forget, you can board any time after noon on Friday! We don’t leave the pier until early Saturday morning so even late flights will get you to Juliet in time. And we promise you won’t miss out on anything – except lunch!

In case you’re not convinced yet, below is a taste of what we’ve been seeing in just the first 3 weeks. Contact Kat for more details and specials on upcoming weeks. Hope to see you there!

Happy New Year from all of us at Juliet Sailing and Diving.

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