Juliet returning in September 2014!

Dear Friends of Juliet Sailing and Diving,

I have an announcement to make that hopefully will bring some happiness to many of you. As you all know by now, Juliet will be shutting down operations in March 2014 while my friends and family take Juliet on an extended trip around the Caribbean. Many of you have expressed in person and on your critique forms that you would like Juliet to remain in charter service. Your comments and sentiments have been very touching and have been received with much consideration. I am very pleased to say that Juliet will be back at your service starting in September 2014!

As a small business owner, finding a balance between personal life and business can be challenging, especially when the business is 3000 miles away from my home in California! Along those lines, we will be implementing some internal reorganization of Juliet Sailing and Diving that will allow me to fulfill my family obligations in California while keeping Juliet in charter service. My direct involvement in operations will be reduced, but I will remain the primary owner and overseer. We will have a full time operations manager based in Miami to help maintain Juliet and support the crew. I also will be taking on a partner who will be training to run the company and eventually replace me as owner.  Our current and former crew members will be returning to Juliet in the Fall, and will help to preserve the continuity and quality of our service. I feel strongly that the experience that we provide on Juliet will remain as good or better than what you have grown to expect. 

Juliet herself will benefit from her time out of charter service. We have some large projects planned that were not possible to complete while conducting charters.  The most significant change will be in the cabin configuration. Cabins 1 and 2 in the bow of the ship will be converted into the crew’s quarters. Two new cabins will be constructed mid-ship where the current crew’s quarters and dive locker are located and these cabins will have private heads and showers! We will be offering the new en-suite cabins at a somewhat higher rate for those of you that prefer a little more privacy and convenience. We feel that this configuration will allow us to provide the option of more luxury without significantly changing our price structure. A new layout diagram and the adjusted pricing will be featured on our web-site soon. We also plan to install a head on deck which will be located on the stern across from the helm. We feel that having a head on deck will be an appreciated convenience, especially for use just before and after dives.

There are also some immediate improvements you can enjoy if you‘re booked on board this fall and winter before the 6 month break. We are upgrading our ice maker next week to one which will have 5 times the capacity as our current one to better keep up with demand. We have also been replacing and upgrading components of our air conditioning system, which started having trouble keeping up with the hot weather and water temperatures in the Bahamas this past summer. I apologize if your cabin was not as cold as you would prefer recently. Be assured that we have spent a lot of effort and money correcting that situation.

I hope that this announcement finds everyone well. I am excited to keep our Juliet family together. We already have many great memories and our team on Juliet looks forward to creating many more with you in the future!


Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Captain John Beltramo