Juliet-themed art and head-gear available online!

Since the announcement in March of Juliet’s retirement we’ve seen an outpouring of support and devotion to the company, people clamoring for the last spots on the boat, and a lot of people looking to have a piece of Juliet and their experiences on board to have with them after March to remember all the good times had on board. Extra pictures, just one more T-shirt, that last hug…

By Leslie Layton
By Leslie Layton

While we can’t give you that never-ending hug to ease the pain, there’s a unique opportunity to have a beautiful piece of artwork, based on a picture taken by one of the crew and painted by one of our own Juliet diver family members, Leslie Layton.

Individually signed 5×7 prints on heavy watercolor paper are available. If interested, you can contact Leslie at lelayton57 at yahoo dot com for more information. Please understand that this posted image has been resized for Facebook. The prints are sharp, color-correct and very close to the original.


ScapAlso available online are some pretty stylish neoprene noggin-coverers, called The Scap. Custom embroidered in beautiful navy blue, these are also offered by two of our own Juliet divers who – after being inspired by the Scap that Trevor our divemaster wore on a regular basis – actually bought the Scap company and then surprised us in May with custom Scaps for the entire crew!

If you can’t make it on board before the final trip, these are some pretty unique souvenirs you can get sent straight to your home.