The Future of Juliet: March 2014

Dear Friends of Juliet Sailing and Diving,

Juliet is on her way back to Miami after another successful winter season in the Turks and Caicos. We are looking forward to sailing the Bahamas again this spring and summer, but the anticipation is bittersweet. With a heavy heart I make this announcement. Juliet Sailing and Diving will not be conducting charters after March 4th, 2014. This will be our last year of operation.

The reasons behind this decision are personal. After 16 years in the dive charter business, it is time to move onto the next chapter of my life. It has been an exciting and rewarding career, but as you probably can imagine, the lifestyle requires sacrifices to be made in other aspects of life. Without being directly involved in the operation of Juliet, I can not guarantee the quality of service that you have come to expect from us. I take an immense amount of pride in the reputation that we have established and will not do anything to put that at risk by passing the company on to an outside party.

Along the lines of preserving quality, our team on Juliet should remain intact through the following year. I am very proud to have the individuals working on Juliet as crew members and as friends. They are professional, fun and genuinely care about providing you with a quality vacation. We plan to stay together as a team and family until the last charter has sailed. We will go out at the top of our game!

I also want to express my gratitude to you for your patronage over the years. Juliet Sailing and Diving could not have existed without our loyal and supportive family of customers. Those of you who know me best know that Juliet Sailing and Diving has never been about the money (though operating and maintaining a 104‘ sailboat does require a bit of money!). It has been about creating something special and sharing it with friends. I have always told my crew that we are not just in the dive business. We are in the happiness business. I hope that we have played a part in creating some happiness for you over the years. I would like to think that you came onboard Juliet as a customer and stepped onshore as a friend. It is the friendships that have formed and the smiles on your faces that have made this all worthwhile.

What will become of Juliet? After our last charter, my friends and family will embark on a 3-5 month trip to take Juliet from Miami to the San Francisco Bay, which is where I call home. Assuming that trip goes well, we will begin plans and preparations for a circumnavigation. If you wish to keep up with Juliet’s adventures, we will have something in place to facilitate that. I will provide details when the time approaches.

Thank you again for your support and friendship! We hope to see you aboard over the next year and that you will keep in touch afterwards.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Captain John Beltramo
Juliet Sailing and Diving