Summer Liveaboard Diving

[image size=”two-third” title=”Bahamas Weather” alt=”Diving Bahamas” align=”left” fancy=”true” shadow=”true”][/image] Summer is one of our favorite times of year in the Bahamas and it’s quite often that our summers book up a year in advance. That’s why we’re very excited to have 2 weeks come available in July 2013, all cabins are available and we’re going to the Bahamas!

Why is summer so special, you might ask? Isn’t it hot? Aren’t there hurricanes?

Yes, it’s quite hot – on land. But we’re out on a boat, catching the sea breeze, no humidity, no overheated insulation from terra firma. Sure the deck gets kinda hot, but just put some shoes on. And enjoy the shade provided by our custom made tarps as you sit on the deck and read, eat lunch, listen to presentations between dives. Oh right, and then there’s the diving. Water temps in the mid 80s – yep, that’s right, no wetsuit needed!

And the weather, well, yes it is hurricane season from June until December. But really, September and October are the big months for Florida and the Bahamas, when the water has been warm for a while. I’m not saying there absolutely won’t be a hurricane in July, but it’s less likely. I’d still recommend buying trip insurance but that’s true of any trip you take on Juliet, hurricane season or not!

Ask any Floridian when they plan to do their trips to the Bahamas by boat, and they’ll tell you absolutely in the summer. Summer time in the Bahamas is well-known to be calm winds, which allows for calmer crossings, and lets us to stray farther from the shelter of nearby islands and down to the pristine undove areas around the Santaren Channel, one of our favorite dive spots in the world!

So what are you waiting for! This won’t last forever, in fact it’s probably going to go quickly. Call to reserve your spot.

July 13-19 : Miami to Bahamas

July 20-26 : Miami to Bahamas