Foldspears – New on-board Juliet!

Earlier in September we were lucky enough to have the owners of Fishspearit, Inc. on board Juliet and they brought along some new fish toys for us to try out. Now for your spearing pleasure, we have Foldspears on board Juliet!

I don’t know about you, but I hate committing to having something in my hand the entire dive – be it a camera, a spear, whatever – it changes the whole feel of the dive for me. But with this crazy lionfish invasion, I do wish I could have a spear with me all the time in case I see one, I just don’t want to carry it around on every single dive! I want to be able to enjoy my dive and not be completely focused on spearing. These Foldspears are great, they fold up to about a foot long and a couple inches wide and strap to your leg, you barely even notice they’re there. But when you need it, there’s a 4′ or 6′ spear at the ready!

And just in time for our Lionfish Round-up in October!

We’re also trying out some new bags to add to our supplies. We’ve been using Armor bags Lionfish bags for about a year now and they seem to work great, even are able to hold Trevor’s record of 36 lionfish (he almost beat it last week with 34.5!). We’ve got another new model we’re trying out – so new we can’t even talk about it yet. Trevor is giving it the ol’ college try next week and will be back with a full report.