Critters Galore in the Bahamas

We’ve had quite the critter sightings this summer, including a rogue Pigeon we affectionately named Fred who showed up while we were in the middle of nowhere to hitch a ride with us one week. He certainly made himself right at home (see our facebook page for photos)! The flat calm water has made it a cinch to spot all kinds of ocean surface dwellers, but even underwater we’ve been treated to some unique visits. Trevor made a new friend on Lost Pigeon Reef (ironically not named after Fred) in the form of a very personable Loggerhead Turtle who we think was trying to help him tie up to the mooring! She pushed right up underneath him almost as if helping him lift the heavy line, and then came back again later for some close encounters while on the dive.

June also brought us at least a half dozen Atlantic Spotted dolphin sightings and even a few lucky swims, and divers also saw a Hammerhead Shark on one of the dives down south. July has been no slouch either, just this week we got word from the boat that Trevor saw a whaleshark while the boat was mooring off of the West End of Grand Bahama, and then a Lemon shark later that day! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m diving with Trevor from now on.

A few impromptu trips to Grand Bahama (at the request of passengers) brought us Shark Week, Juliet style. Lemon sharks, whale sharks, Caribbean Reef sharks, you name it. Eleven on one dive even! Can’t wait to see the pictures.