June Trip Reports

Mother Nature has taken us on a bit of a roller coaster ride this June. But we’re along for the ride either way!

[image size=”one-half” alt=”calm seas Bahamas” align=”left” fancy=”true” shadow=”true”]https://www.julietsailinganddiving.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/calm-seas-and-paddleboarding.jpg[/image] Despite having two named storms before the official June 1 opening of hurricane season, our first two trips in June were uneventful weather-wise. In fact, for most of the trips we barely had a stitch of wind! Our first week was a group of divers from all over, some from Arizona, others from right here in Florida, even one diver from China. Despite not knowing eachother when they boarded, everyone left with more friends than they came with and had a beautiful trip. We were able to sail (or motor rather since there was no wind!) down to the eastern edge of the Santaren channel and dive some of the most pristine dive sites in the Bahamas – Long Bow, Lost Medallion, Freedom Reef, among others.

Week two brought another hodgepodge of divers – this time from Boston, Chicago, North Carolina, Colorado, and Indiana. We were also lucky enough to have a couple of musicians on board who treated us to some songs on surface intervals, even a few sea shanties! Again, we were treated to some beautiful glassy seas, though we were able to sail one day towards the beginning of the week. The divers enjoyed some of the dive sites so much they wouldn’t let the crew leave – we stayed for an extra dawn dive on Long Bow because we couldn’t get enough of it. The lionfish count was definitely respectable at 159 and although the captain and one of the passengers got stung accidentally, they managed to exact their revenge by devouring their adversaries in a taco.

Divers on both trips were also treated to the newest addition to the fleet, a hybrid paddle-yak – a stand-up paddleboard (or SUP) that converts into a kayak. There was much taunting and laughing as folks tried to balance on the board and paddle laps around the boat, and the consensus was it is a great addition to Juliet.

The good weather continued through the next few weeks, delighting a group of families on board for a yearly scout trip, as well as the beginning of the next trip where we welcomed back the divers and staff of Open Water Adventures. But the weather started to turn a little at the end of the month, chasing Juliet back to Miami a day early on one trip, and all out cancelling the next with no thanks to Tropical Storm Debby! Hurricane season is indeed upon us – don’t forget your trip insurance!

Fortunately next week is looking fantastic – the calm AFTER the storm, apparently. Maybe that will be it for the year and we’ll be treated to flat calm seas for the rest of the summer. That’s why summer is our favorite season on Juliet – the water is warm, and the weather is beautiful as long as there are no hurricanes in the area.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the season!