New Lionfish T-shirts are in!

We’re in the process of redesigning our line of T-shirts (stay tuned for previews of the new design) and during one of the brain-storming sessions we came up with a great design for a Lionfish T-shirt. You can now buy these shirts on-board but with one prerequisite…

[image size=”two-third” title=”Lionfish Tshirt” align=”left” fancy=”true” shadow=”true”][/image]You must have killed a lionfish with your bare hands! 

Ok, maybe with a spear and not your bare hands as they are quite toxic, the point is these T-shirts are only available if you are in fact a Lionfish Slayer and killed that Lionfish while on board Juliet. There is a limited amount available right now so be sure to book your trip and secure your trophy shirt!