What happened to the Lily Pad? Wait, what exactly is a Lily Pad?

[image size=”one-half” alt=”Lily Pad” align=”right” fancy=”true” shadow=”true”]https://www.julietsailinganddiving.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/relax-diving.jpg[/image]If you’ve been out on Juliet even once, you know we’ve got some unique names for some of the areas on the boat. Boats in general have a language unto themselves – front is forward, back is aft, right and left don’t exist as they normally would, and don’t even think about calling that line a rope! – so this is not surprising, but new passengers might find themselves extra confused when asked to “Meet on the Lily Pad” upon boarding.

Huh? Where?

The Lily Pad was the forward hatch (that’s the one towards the pointy end) that was covered in a weather-proof forest green cushion and shaped resembling a Lily Pad in a pond. It was a comfy gather place, an area where impromptu afternoon naps would often happen, a congregation for dive briefings – but a very difficult place to eat dinner under the stars!

[image size=”one-half” caption=”The New “Lily Pad”” alt=”Outdoor dining” align=”left” fancy=”true” shadow=”true”]https://www.julietsailinganddiving.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/outdoor-seating.jpg[/image] As much as we will miss her, the Lily Pad has been replaced by a beautiful polished aluminum table with seating for eight. Three charter’s worth of people have had the pleasure of being able to enjoy the new addition and so far the feedback is very positive. Moonlight dining, square-ish table discussions, a perfect place to set up your camera when the main salon is being used for other things like games of “Vampire.”

And to those of you who are concerned about losing your nap-space, don’t worry. Once the boat returns to Miami in March we are going to turn “The Beach” into a big huge foam pit! Ok, not really, but we will be adding lots of comfy cushions for lounging elsewhere.

What do you think? We still haven’t come up with a clever name for it yet but we definitely think its a great addition!