Unlike other trips to the Bahamas

Bahamas destinationsOur Bahamas are different. We sail and dive where no one else goes. You won’t see another dive boat – or any boat some days!- for miles. We start out diving the Bimini Chain and will routinely travel to its southernmost island of Orange Cay, stopping at dive sites such as Bull Run, Nodules Wall, and Victory Reef to name a few of the abundant choices. From Orange Cay we continue south along the edge of the Grand Bahama Bank deep into Santaren Channel. These remote sites are some of our best kept secrets, dove exclusively by Juliet passengers, and host an abundance of life comparable to premier dive destinations around the world.

bahamas shark diving

Travel Information

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2019 Availability

Check our calendar for the most up-to-date availability. Below are weeks in 2019 with spaces available as of 10 Jan 2019. Email kat -at- sailjuliet -dot- com if you’d like to book for any of the weeks below, or would like to be added to a waiting list for a week that is full.

April 13-19, 2019: 2 spaces, ensuite (Hammerhead dive available!)

Aug 17-23, 2019: 6 spaces

More availability on our calendar.