Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to Juliet Sailing and Diving. We look forward to hosting your diving and sailing vacation! Below you can find documents, releases, and checklists here to make your trip preparation smooth sailing.

Required documentation for your trip:

  • Passenger information form – please submit at least two weeks prior to your departure date
  • Liability Release  – we will ask to digitally sign the release a week or two before the trip. You can read it ahead of time here.

To help you pack:

Linens, towels, and soaps are provided, as well as tanks, weights, and weight belts. See the suggested packing list below for what you should bring with you. 

Trip and Dive Insurance

Juliet Sailing and Diving will not offer refunds for charters cancelled or shortened due to adverse weather, acts of God, or events not within the reasonable control of Juliet Sailing and Diving. We strongly recommend you obtain travel insurance for your vacation, especially during hurricane season. PLEASE NOTE: It is strongly recommend you booked your travel insurance as early as possible – many insurance companies will deny claims if booked too soon before the trip’s departure (i.e. if a hurricane is named before you purchase trip insurance, many agencies will deny your claim – even if the storm isn’t yet forecasted to impact the area your trip is planned for). Some agencies we recommend are:

Dive Assure – https://www.diveassure.com 866-898-0921

DAN – http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/trip  800-446-2671

Welcome Letters

The following documents provide you with itinerary details for each destination:

Bahamas trips:
Week-long (Sat – Fri) | 4-day (Fri – Tues) | 5-day (Fri – Wed) | 10-day (Fri-Mon)
Florida Keys
St. Croix (new winter 2016-2017)
Virgin Islands
Mona Island
Repositioning Miami to Turks and Caicos
Repositioning Virgin Islands to Miami (two weeks)

Scuba Courses

If you are planning on taking any courses while you’re on board, please fill out and return the following documents to the office:

  • Diving Medical release. If the answer to any of the questions on this release is yes, we will need a doctor’s sign-off to start any coursework – which is hard to get in the middle of the ocean so help us plan ahead.
  • Student registration form. Contact us to find out what specialties are available on your trip.

Itinerary quick Reference:

[table style=’minimal’]

  Bahamas Florida Keys St. Croix Virgin Islands Mona Island,
Puerto Rico
Departure city Miami Miami Frederiksted Charlotte Amalie,
St. Thomas
Mayaguez, PR
Airport code MIA or FLL MIA or FLL STX STT MAZ or BQN
Parking available? Yes Yes No No No
Passport required Yes No No Yes (for BVIs) No
Customs port fees $120 cash None None $80 cash None


Frequently Asked Questions

How does someone get in touch with me on board in an emergency

On the boat, in addition to a VHF radio, we have a satellite phone and e-mail (contact the office for the address). Passengers can use these for ship to shore communication. There is a fee for non-emergency use. Your family and friends at home should contact Juliet Sailing and Diving at 1-866-558-5438 and we will contact the boat.

Will I get seasick?

Possibly, and if it is going to happen it usually occurs on the first day before you’ve grown your sea legs. If you have any concerns and are thinking of taking a Dramamine type product, it has been recommended that you start taking these products 24hrs prior to departure. Read the product label before use.

Are there outlets in my cabin?

There are normal household 110v outlets throughout the boat, in all cabins and the main salon for you to use.

What about gratuities?

Across the liveaboard industry in the US and Caribbean, tips are not included in the price of the trip, and a suggested gratuity of 10-15% is greatly appreciated. If there is any issue with the service level do not hesitate to bring it to the Captain’s attention.

Do you require the use of reef-safe sunscreens?

We don’t require it but we strongly recommend the use of reef-friendly sunscreens to help keep our ocean’s corals healthy. Research estimates that 4-6,000 metric tons of sunscreen wash off swimmers into the ocean annually, and most of these sunscreens contain ingredients that cause harmful algae blooms and coral bleaching. Please check your sunscreens and avoid those that contain benzophenon/oxybenzone. To do your part, use biodegradable, natural sunscreens to help protect the reefs. Stream2Sea SunscreenLook for sunscreens that have active ingredients such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. We’ve recently partnered with Stream2Sea, if you’re booked on a charter with us we’ll send you code for 10% off your order with them to help encourage you to dive and travel conscientiously and sustainably. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us (References: HuffPo, National Park Service, The Guardian, Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, NOAA)

Is there internet access / cell phone reception on board?

There is no internet or wifi on board while we are out on charter. We have a dedicated satellite email system but no ability to browse the internet or check personal email accounts. When within site of land in the Bahamas, VIs, and Puerto Rico your US phone will most likely work, but please check with your provider for fee schedules and roaming charged that might be incurred.