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[blockquote]The four crew members on Juliet this past week are some of the most wonderful people I have had the honor to meet! Their care and concern for each of us as individuals made for a very pleasant experience! We cannot wait to see them all again![/blockquote]

-Deb, Feb 2017


[blockquote]The trip was truly amazing. I could not have asked for a better trip.[/blockquote]

–  Jeremy Nov 2016


[one_half last]

[blockquote]I thought my experience on the Juliet was outstanding!  The boat is in very good shape and it is obvious that Liza and her crew pay attention to detail and care about their passengers.[/blockquote]

 – Jerry Oct 2016



This was an exceptional experience.  My husband and I had never been on a live aboard before the Juliet.  Now I fear, no other will live aboard will live up to the experience we had last week.  I can’t say enough about the crew.  They truly make the trip so fantastic.  I felt 100% safe at all times. [/blockquote]

– Jennifer March 2016


[blockquote]The best asset of this operation is its staff.  I always felt our best interests was their paramount concern.  They never rushed us when gearing up or returning to the boat.  Overall the pace on the boat was calm and peaceful.  [/blockquote]

-Laura 11/2015


[one_half last]

[blockquote]Every thing they did was thought out and done with the utmost concern and attention to the divers. It is simply not possible to express how impressed and how wonderful the crew was.[/blockquote]

-Cyril 11/2015



[blockquote]We have done 3 Juliet charters and many other live-aboards around the world. Most are over priced and the crew is extremely transient on these expensive charters. In the last 2 years we have ran into many of the same crew each trip aboard the Juliet. This tells me a lot about a business! The boat has a ton of space and with only 12 divers, you really feel well taken care of and very comfortable. The food has been exceptional each time! Captain John runs a first rate operation. Our customers continue to come back to Juliet. We never feel like just another number on Juliet! They make diving easy and fun![/blockquote]

– Tina C. Seaweed Diver, IN


[blockquote source=”Karen I.”]It was awesome, if you have not been, you really need to join them for a week of sun and diving! Loved the smaller group and the accomodations were were comfortable.[/blockquote]


[one_half last]

[blockquote]What a top-notch outfit!! An awesome boat coupled with an even MORE awesome crew. You won’t go wrong sailing Juliet[/blockquote]

-Bob H.,  Odyssey Scuba, MO


[blockquote source=”Dana C.”]Love the Juliet… We’ve been on Juliet I believe about 10 times now and we have experienced some of our very best vacations and memories on Juliet. We have never been aboard when the food wasn’t excellent… Sure wasn’t a vacation we lost weight on![/blockquote]

[blockquote source=”Lisa S.”]I love sailing on Juliet. Three times and I can’t wait until I can go again. The crew is everything you could want and more.[/blockquote]

[one_half last]
[blockquote source=”Steve R.”]I’ve been on Juliet four times…three times I’ve taken groups. Never had anything but excellent food. One of my people commented that he felt the food quality was as good as he’s had on any cruise ship. Not as fancy but the quality was comperable. I have around 1,000 logged dives and led dozens of group dive trips. The best diving I’ve experienced was aboard the Juliet. Hope to go again someday![/blockquote]

[blockquote source=”Judy O.”]This is a quality experience. I have been on boat 20+ times and get more than I pay for each time… Juliet and its staff are good stewards of the seas and I love the chefs who spend time on this boat. They will cater to your needs if you made them known. I love this group, & wouldn’t spend money elsewhere…this is quite an experience all around.[/blockquote]

[one_half][blockquote source=”Leslie L.”]I have been on this boat three times and it’s been awesome for all three trips. The diving is first rate, the boat is sweet, the crew is wonderful and THE FOOD IS TOP NOTCH! I eat better on Juliet than I do at home. I agree with John Beltramo that everyone gains weight on Juliet. I have been on the FL Keys trip, Turks and Caicos and VI’s-BVI’s. Love it and can’t say enough good things about.[/blockquote]


[one_half last]

[blockquote source=”Bryan H.”]It was terrific having [a] marine biologist. I appreciated her knowledge and skills. She definitely gets a two-thumbs-up rating from me…as do all the crew. In fact it’s hard to say who I like the most.[/blockquote]

[blockquote source=”Paula F.”]I have been on over a dozen trips on Juliet. I highly recommend this live-a-board![/blockquote]


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