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6 Comments on “Tour of Juliet”

  1. Barbara & Alan Andridge
    We are interested in your Dec 20-26 Christmas trip to St Thomas and Virgin Islands and we understand you have 2 rooms still available. Could you advise us on which rooms and the cost please. We've met some lovely people traveling g with you then and would like to join them! Thank you, Barbara Andridge
    • Kat
      Hi Barbara, we still have those two spaces available if you are interested! I sent you an email a few weeks back but never got a reply. I hope we can get you and Alan on board!
  2. Darlene
    How many dives do you have each day? As well, are there any night dives? What is the maximum time underwater? Is there a dive guide for each dive? Does each diver need a dive computer? On your Bahamas trip, are you near any dive spots where we would see hammerheads and lots of different species of of sharks? Thank you for your time.
    • Kat
      Hi Darlene We do 3-5 dives per day including a night dive every night except for Thursday. We do not put a cap on your dive time, you can dive as long as your air and no decompression time allows. It is recommended every diver have their own computer or if not a timing device to dive tables for their own personal profile. Guides are not in the water for all dives but always available if you would like a private tour. Hammerheads are more often seen in the spring, we often see Caribbean reef, black tip, and nurse sharks.
  3. Hans Sievert
    Hi I am interested in the Miami to Bahamas trip for two next April 2019. Please advise me as to when the best time would be to book.
    • Kat
      Hi Hans, I sent you an email - we'd love to have you out in April next year. We've got plenty of room, and are taking bookings now. Give me a call or shoot me an email and we'll get you on board!

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